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    <p> 4) Its power consumption is rated at 1200Watts and the buyers will get one year of warranty on this cook top from Bajaj. You can get two years of warranty. Cons: Interiors light might be too dim for some, the sensor reheat feature not really up to snuff, small lettering on keypad can be difficult to read, microwave ovens best on the expensive side, no quick touch (1-5 mins) button, 30 second button must also be combined with START button to work. Have you ever thrown a bag of popcorn into a microwave, microwave ovens best selected the popcorn preset button, and then found that half the kernels in the bag were unpopped? Child safety locks, for example, are pretty common, as are advanced reheating and defrosting modes, best microwave oven india presets for commonly cooked meals such as pizza, popcorn, fish, TV dinners, etc. With so many features found throughout the world of microwaves, though, it’s much less common to find one microwave with all the features.</p>
    <div style=”clear:both; text-align:center”><iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/5eeJtArrQyY” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen title=”microwave ovens best”></iframe></div><p> This is especially useful when you can easily see that your food will need more time through the viewing window while it’s cooking. Anything high in fat, for example, will burn very quickly on high settings but fat often comes on foods that require high temperatures to cook properly. Some ovens come with fast cook modes that let you heat up plates of leftovers and frozen dinners within a minute or less, some offer fasts defrost settings promising not to cook the food as it thaws out your meal, and still others come with sensors that allow the microwave to cook foods automatically, adjusting the time and he levels based on how the food is reacting to the cooking cycle. If you are looking for a fully capable microwave oven that is both large enough and powerful enough to handle every dish you plan to heat in it, but one that is dedicated to helping you keep your kitchen looking its best as well, the Avanti certainly takes all the boxes. With a turntable measuring 12.4 inches it’s safe to say that you’ll never find yourself looking for another plate or container to transfer your food to before heating it up.</p>
    <p> The main thing you should be looking at is the capacity, auto cook options, and brand name. Often, presets are set up in labs with little real-world testing and do not optimally cook the dishes they intend to. Just set the oven for 5-10 minutes and then switch on the power. Its purpose is to quickly cook foods at high power settings for short amounts of time. You’ll notice that all of the preset buttons are for foods ranging in power intensity requirements, going from popcorn and steamed vegetables all the way up to frozen meats. 4. Don’t cook different foods at the same time- This may seem obvious but some people make a mistake of putting different types of foods in the microwave as a way of saving time and power. Every different type of food requires a different amount of heat to cook and sometimes one meal can be made up of various ingredients all requiring different power settings. 1. Cooking process – Microwave ovens normally use electromagnetic waves to heat the water inside the food when cooking. The cooking sensor is a great when it works but watch out for microwave ovens that sport poorly-reviewed cooking sensors as they are more than likely just an extra thing to spend money on that you will probably never use.</p>
    <p> If you spend a lot of time defrosting food as part of your prep work before cooking, this might be a feature to look out for. Trying a hand at new recipes, use this appliance, and start cooking by keeping it in any part of the house at your comfort. If any of the presets don’t quite meet your standards, it isn’t very difficult to figure out which power settings to use to get the job done right. Microwave ovens that are 1000 watts or more tend to be in kitchens with more space, and also in kitchens where heavier use is expected. Less than that, you are starting to go into small countertop microwave territory which are often bought for spaces like office break rooms, dorms, and other especially small cooking spaces. If you’re putting your microwave oven in an office setting or break room, you will need a very different style microwave than if you are planning to install one into your cabinetry in your custom kitchen.</p>
    <p> This beautiful microwave oven has a capacity of 20 L with a floral print design on the front. 3) The capacity of this amazing and wonderful oven is 17 liters as it is specifically designed for Indian customers. The oven heats up as every other oven does and the steam starts to rise and keeps the perfect moisture throughout the cooking. If we talk about capacity, then it is perfect for the families. Because of high cooking capacity, it is an excellent microwave oven for large families. LG MS2043DB is the fourth best Solo Microwave Oven under 10000 in India. IFB is known for manufacturing the best convection microwave in India and the world. Chances are you’re not going to be working on your convection microwave at home. Other aspects that you’re going to need to look out for, of course, are how much power the microwave oven uses to do its thing, how many different power settings there are, whether there are good preset modes, if the microwave oven is programmable, and much more. For each preset, more power is provided at a more constant rate. Generally speaking, the more power levels you have at your fingertips the more control you will have over the end results of the food you are cooking.</p>

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